Coronavirus Update From SNO Sites

SNO Sites is here to help during these challenging times

Like so many other organizations around the world, we’re taking steps at SNO Sites to respond to the Coronavirus emergency. We want to share those plans with you today and make you aware of two offers we have to help your journalism programs continue to thrive during these unprecedented circumstances.

At the top of our list, of course, is the health and safety of the SNO Patrol team that supports your journalism programs. Starting Monday, March 16th, all SNO employees are encouraged to work from home. We have an amazing team at SNO, and the level of support you receive from us will not change. Likewise, we have been in touch with the vendors we use to power the SNO platform infrastructure, and we have been assured that all systems will continue to function at the highest level.

Next, we know that many of our member schools will be moving to an online-only classroom model in the coming weeks, and that’s going to present a number of new challenges for advisers and student journalists. We have a planning and organizational platform, FLOW, that allows news staffs to coordinate their ideas, stories, and photos as they prepare for publication, and we want to make FLOW available to all of our customers for free through the end of the school year. You can sign-up for this free offer of FLOW through the registration button below. If you decide at the end of the school year that FLOW isn’t for you long-term, you can drop it with no strings attached. If you decide to continue using it next school year, we’ll add it to your website renewal.

Register for the free offer of FLOW

And finally, we know that your programs serve a vital role in keeping your school community informed. We have two mobile apps, the Student News Source for scholastic programs and the College News Source for college programs, that help deliver your news to your readers through their mobile devices. Most notably, the apps allow readers to subscribe to push notifications to be alerted when new stories are posted to your website. As with FLOW, we’re making the app free through the end of the school year for all programs that sign-up through the registration button below. And also like FLOW, if you decide at the end of the school year that the app isn’t a good fit for you, you can drop it with no strings attached.

Register for the free offer of the Source App

Thank you for being a SNO Sites customer. These are challenging times, and we want you to know that we are here to help you however we can.

Be well.


Tom Hutchinson & Jason Wallestad
SNO Sites, Co-Founders