We are School Newspapers Online, and this is our Terms of Service. We don’t want to bore you with a bunch of legal mumbo jumbo, or scare you with words like “termination” and “infringement.” We’ve tried to be clear, concise, and straightforward.


School Newspapers Online (“SNO”) is a branch of TBP Productions, LLP. We provide website setup, hosting, and consulting services. We’ll register your domain name, and we’ll get you set up with one year of hosting. If you wish, we’ll even migrate content from your old WordPress website to our shiny new one.

We’ll install and configure WordPress on your site. You’ll have access to a step-by-step online training manual and unlimited web support as long as you continue to use our SNO FLEX theme. (And why would you ever want to stop using it? It’s amazing.)


You have full control and ownership of your site. Seriously. Your stories, photographs, videos, sound clips, funny cat pictures—it all belongs to you (unless it’s copyrighted, which we’ll talk about in a minute).

We’ll always take care of the technology. If your site goes down, we’ll get it back up fast. If your site gets hacked, which it probably won’t, we’ll fix it. If zebra aliens from Mars erase all your content with their magic brain lasers, we’ll try our very best to recover it. SNO’s got your back.

We’ll never force you to display advertisements for us or anyone else. We’ll never ever sell, trade, or redistribute your contact information or content, because that’s evil. SNO is firmly anti-evil.

If you ever decide to leave SNO, we’ll probably cry. A lot. But you’ll still be granted full access to your data so you can export it. Your domain name is yours to do with as you wish. The only thing you can’t take with you is our FLEX theme—that’s only available with SNO hosting.


Remember that thing we said about copyrighted stuff earlier? That’s pretty important. By creating an account with us, you agree not to publish copyrighted material on your site. You also agree not to publish anything libelous. If you do and someone decides to sue you, that’s your responsibility, not ours. Don’t say we never told you so.

When you receive your new website from SNO, it will be filled with demo content—filler stories and pictures we’ve used to help you visualize the look of your site. Once you start adding your own content, we expect that you’ll delete ours. (It’s really not very interesting, anyway.)

WordPress regularly releases updates to the core WordPress software which powers your site, and in addition, there are also regular updates released by WordPress plugin authors. We also release regular updates to our SNO FLEX WordPress theme. It is your responsibility to complete these updates when they are available — don’t worry, though, it’s incredibly simple to complete these updates. Whenever you see a red update bar in your dashboard, just click the link in that bar, and you’ll have the updates completed in a matter of seconds. WordPress updates are crucial for site security, and completing those updates is one of the best defenses to keep your site from being hacked.

If you choose to purchase your own domain name, you’re responsible for yearly renewal charges at your registrar. If this sounds complicated, you can transfer your domain to SNO at any time, and we’ll take care of it.

Speaking of charges: you do have to pay us. We know school budgets are tight, and we’ll always try to work with you on payment arrangements if necessary. But if we don’t hear from you, we’ll shut your site down if your bill is 90 days past due. If it becomes 180 days past due, we may permanently delete your site.

Unless you inform us otherwise, we’ll assume you want to renew your site each year. Therefore, we’ll bill you for the upcoming year about a month in advance. We do this to safeguard your content against deletion. So if you decide not to renew, kindly let us know.

Sound good? Good! Sound bad? Send us an email with any questions or concerns.