The SNO Report: Welcome Back

Hopefully you’ve spent a little time this summer resting, relaxing and recharging. At SNO, we took the summer to improve our platform, upgrade our staff, and enhance our services. Here’s what we have been up to. 

Introducing SNO FLEX 5.5

The biggest accomplishment this summer was the latest evolution of our publishing platform, SNO FLEX. The changes are immediately noticeable.

  • A new interface, Launch Pad, welcomes users and highlights key tasks.
  • A storytelling tool, the Side Rails story page template, allows more precision with placing embedded elements along the sides of the text.
  • The new SNO Tag Widget will display content sorted by a tag you assign.
  • Revenue potential is increased with ad locations in the footer as well as the leaderboard.
  • A redesigned staff profile page includes all of the staff member’s writing, photos and videos into a single display.

There’s a new member of the SNO Patrol

In early August, we welcomed Lucas Vasquez to the SNO team. Lucas is a native Minnesotan, so you know he’s smart and talented. We’re not much on job titles, but we needed one for the Craigslist posting, so Lucas is officially our Assistant Digital Publication Technician. We have no idea what that title means. Lucas holds a BA degree in Communication Studies from the University of Minnesota, and he has a rich history in working with WordPress. Since joining SNO, he has been busy with database migration projects (boring) and new site launches. Soon, he’ll be helping out with SNO Training sessions (SNOTs) and answering support tickets.

Turn your site to 11

In June, we launched the SNO Site Review initiative, a new program aimed at helping journalism programs reach new levels of online publishing success. A SNO Site Review doesn’t come with a scorebook or a certificate. That’s not the point. We want to meet programs at their level and take them to the next one. To learn more about the SNO Site Review program, visit this page.

But wait, there’s more

Stay tuned for a big announcement later this fall about a new SNO product you’re going to love. It’ll be just like the iPhone 6, only bigger, and without fingerprint recognition. We’re calling it SNO FLOW.  We’ll leave the rest up to your imagination for now.

Thanks again for choosing SNO as your partner in online publishing. We’re looking forward to another great year.

About The SNO Report

The SNO Report is an (almost) always weekly newsletter from the SNO Team dedicated to making your life better and helping you to make the most of the SNO platform.