Welcoming you back with these learning resources

It’s time to go back to school — sort of. This school year will be especially challenging, no matter how you and your students are going to class for the foreseeable future. At SNO, we’re always here to try to help you through the year and put your staff in positions to succeed. So, as a refresher, here are some of the excellent learning resources we offer to help teach you and your students not only how to use your website but how to be journalists.

Learning your website

  • WEBINARS: Check out our schedule of free, quick-hit webinars periodically to see what’s new each week. These webinars are for students and teachers and will cover a variety of topics related to using your SNO products. Later today, there’s one called “Website Story Extras,” demoing some of the extra elements you can incorporate into your articles to take them to the next level.
  • HELP SITE & SUPPORT: You and your students have unlimited access to our recently-redesigned SNO help site, full of documentation for how to do everything with your SNO products, and live support. Have a question? Ask away.
  • VIRTUAL TRAININGS: For $75 apiece or a $200 unlimited annual subscription, set you and/or your staff with a one-hour virtual training on your SNO website. Maybe you have a bunch of questions or maybe you have a new staff and want to hand off the training to us — a training is perfect.

Learning journalism

  • CURRICULUM: Need help planning lessons to teach your journalism class this year? We’ve got you covered. Already with lessons plans covering Writing & Reporting, Multimedia and Journalism Ethics, the free SNO Curriculum is continuing to develop into a larger library of presentations, activities and assignments every week. Check it out.
  • FACEBOOK COMMUNITY: Join our new Facebook group to connect with other SNO customers, ask for help from your peers, share ideas, stories and more.