Tasks to end the school year

As you wrap up another school year, consider this straightforward list of tasks to do before putting your website to bed for the summer.

  • Turn your site’s departing staff members into subscriber users. Doing this retains all the great content those students produced this year but strips away their access to the backend of the website.
  • Run any available updates. Check to make sure your site is running the latest version of WordPress and your plugins are up-to-date to protect the site over the summer and give you fewer updates to run when you get back.
  • Save a Snapshot of your site. It can’t hurt to save a Design Snapshot of the design of your site that you’re ending the year with, especially if you’re planning on testing out some design changes over the summer.
  • Departing adviser? Tell us. We’d love to welcome the new adviser to the SNO community in proper fashion. So if you’re leaving the job, send an owl.
  • Put us to work. Summertime is the best time to order a SNO Site Review or SNO Site Overhaul. We’ll make it a summer project, and you’ll have a newly refurbished site or detailed written analysis ready to review when you get back.
  • Maybe think about a training. Our trainers conduct personalized hour-long virtual sessions for advisers, students, students and advisers, advisers and their pets — whatever. Think about when you want your incoming staff trained. Order a training session and schedule it whenever it makes sense, before the end of the year, during summer downtime or hold onto it until the fall.
  • Consider our virtual learning opportunities. The SNO Academy offers virtual classes on a wide variety of journalism-related topics for students and teachers. Our Staff Bootcamps are like retreats for you and your staff to pair up with one of our teachers for a fully personalized learning opportunity.

As always, we want to express our sincere appreciation for letting us build and support your websites this year. We hope you have a safe and enjoyable break.