The SNO Report: SNO Distinguished Sites submission deadline changed

We’ll be honest. When we sent out our last Distinguished Sites email update back in February, the possibility of being thrust into the midst of a global pandemic wasn’t really on our radar. Suffice to say, we recognize that your publication program has probably been undergoing some pretty big structural changes lately, so we’re making some changes on our end to help accommodate that.

First, due to the impact that the Coronavirus is having on schools across the globe, we have decided to extend the SNO Distinguished Sites program through the end of May. Therefore, the new deadline for all badge submissions is May 31.

We also realize that many schools are closed, and subsequently, that your students may not have access to equipment that they typically would — something that is particularly challenging when it comes to earning the Multimedia Badge.

That being said, while none of the actual badge requirements are changing, it is fine to use video and audio interviews that are recorded over Skype or any other online platform in the content that you submit to us. Although the shots won’t be as pretty, and the audio won’t be as clear, our reviewers are keeping these circumstances in mind.

Despite these challenging times that we’re all currently facing, we want to continue to encourage your students to reach for that Distinguished Site status. So far, 37 schools have earned this distinction, many within the past few weeks. It can be done.

In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to let us know.