The SNO Report: Meet SNO’s Newest Employee

Just as it came for the outfield fence at Wrigley Field, Ivy has come to SNO.

This Ivy has a capital I and is a human being. You may call her Ivy Kaplan. She’ll coordinate our awards programs, train and support you and, one day, defeat all of us in this office in ping pong. Meet Ivy:

Q: Explain your job like I’m an alien.

A: Basically my job involves managing the Best of SNO program (a showcase of the best student journalism from members of the SNO Network), and the Distinguished Sites program (where news staffs can submit to earn six different badges), conducting trainings with advisers and news staffs to improve their websites, and assisting with customer support (very infrequently).

Q: OK. So how did you end up with SNO?

A: After moving back to Minneapolis from D.C. where I was writing for a small news outlet, I knew I wanted to stay involved in journalism in some way. In high school, my school newspaper used SNO to host our website, so I was familiar with the company and how it really helps elevate the work of high school journalists nationwide. When I saw the job posting for SNO, it seemed like the perfect fit!

Q: You went to college in D.C. Which landmark site did you visit most?

A: The Lincoln Memorial

Q: Which President of the United States was your favorite while you lived there?

A: I was there from 2015 to 2019, so definitely Barack Obama.

Q: OK, fine: Favorite of all time?

A: Still Obama.

Q: What do you like to do in your free time?

A: I like to run, get outside whenever possible, travel and cook.

Q: So… not ping pong? What’s one lesson you’ve learned at the SNO ping pong table so far?

A: That I desperately need to find anywhere with a ping pong table to practice. My current skills are truly embarrassing.

Q: Did you watch the Emmys on Sunday?

A: Yes.

Q: Which celebrity would you want to interview if you got your pick?

A: Probably Dan Levy. I’m obsessed with him and Schitt’s Creek.

Q: Give us a juicy D.C. interview story. (If you must use a fake name, only “Deep Throat” will be accepted.)

A: At my last internship, there were a few times I was able to go to the White House when President Trump was boarding his helicopter to travel somewhere. Occasionally, in his walk to board, he would stop and answer reporter questions. While the questions I shouted out were unsurprisingly ignored as an unknown reporter, it was still a pretty cool experience.

Q: What’s your favorite thing of all the things?

A: Good Indian food.

Q: What’s the last article you read?

A: The New York Times: “Trump to Revote California’s Authority to Set Stricter Auto Emissions Rules”

Q: What’s the first news site you go to every morning?

A: Usually NPR.

Q: What’s up?

A: The sky.