The SNO Report: Have you done these new-year tasks?

We know the start of a new school year is the busiest. We’re feeling it, too.

You’re trying to teach a new batch of students what journalism is and introduce them to your news site, all the while finding yourself in a tense cat-and-mouse game with whatever new firewall blocks your school snuck into the system over the summer.

If you have time, consider checking a few of these essential tasks off of your list:

Schedule a website training

Let us help you with the part where you have to show students how to use the website. If you’ve already purchased a single training or yearly training subscription, all you need to do is schedule it. If not, consider ordering one and we’ll have one of our experts train ‘em for ya. (Speaking of our experts, we’ve hired another trainer. Welcome Ivy to the team.)

Introduce yourself

Are you a new adviser? We’d love to meet you. If you’re not the adviser at all, well, click on that link so that we can stop bugging you with these extremely well-written emails.

Update your user accounts

Your new students? You’ll want to create each of them a user account. Returning students? You might want to update their account permissions. Students gone? You might want to take back their permissions and make them a Subscriber. Everything you need to know is right here.

Create Staff Profiles

Make it a fun activity. Who doesn’t want to look this classy?

Create a new Header Image

Because it isn’t the 50-year anniversary of your school every year, and also because this year’s staff is only this year’s staff once. Let them put their stamp on their site.

Set a new goal

Is this the year you finally start using your Sports Center Add-On? Is it time to monetize the site? Are you feeling ready to finally go after that Multimedia Badge?

Start looking at those Badges

The SNO Distinguished Sites program opens Oct. 1, but you can review the requirements right now on the SNO Badges section of your site’s dashboard.

Create a new Design Snapshot

Save a snapshot of the way your site is right now, especially if you’re planning on working on redesigns this year. Here’s how it works.

Tell your readers about the app

If you’re on the new Student News Source app, tell your readers right away with a “Letter from the Editor” article on your site and some house advertising. If you’re not on the app, you could be.