The SNO Report: Slam dunk story grids you can do

When the calendar hits March 1 this week, you’ll have only two months left to earn SNO Distinguished Sites badges and the whole enchilada.

To earn the Story Page Excellence Badge, you’ll have to submit correctly-assembled Grid, Side-by-Side and Long Form templates among other examples. In some cases, those are templates you have to plan in advance for.

Let’s help you out with a few ideas for Story Grids that ANYBODY can do.

New teachers at school

A grid’s natural purpose is to package together content that goes together, giving your reader one place to find all of it. A story grid of new-teacher features is an easy get. The Little Hawk profiled nine new teachers at Iowa City High School. How many does your school have?

Clubs and organizations

Who says you have to write a full profile? A story grid of clubs and organizations at your school is a good way to be a basic informational resource for your student readers. The East Vision assembled a grid of 48 tid-bits, including club sponsor and student leaders, meeting times and a brief description. Now that’s valuable.

Seasonal sports previews

Here’s an idea for three separate grids throughout the year. Assemble a grid with previews of the fall sports at your school, later the winter sports, and finally the spring ones.

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