The SNO Report: Reference guide for design

No matter the state of your site’s design, you still hopefully have some curiosity about what else you could be doing to sweeten it or what you might have missed in the weeds.

That’s why we created a mess of design examples on a site we’re calling our Reference Guide for Design. (We’ll take all your ideas for catchier names.)

The helpful new destination contains variations of all the elements you’d use to build your site — most prominently, widget styles and full-width widgets — and directions for recreating each one. (Applying your colors to each is up to you.)

Just how many examples, exactly?

We’ve created 30 variations of the six widget styles available to you, which is a low estimate of how many different ways you could design them.

We’ve got 7 different Story Carousels and 11 different Story Grids for your consideration.

We’ve designed 6 different Category Widgets in full-width widget areas and 14 more configurations spread over all of the other available spaces.

We also showcase the new Full Screen Widget and all three category page layouts, the widget-based option being highly customizable beyond what we show you.

Not everything on the site is perfect, and that’s the whole idea. Sure, you can easily follow the instructions to recreate what you see there, but we also hope you’ll pick up on the small nuances of these designs and be able to combine elements to create something perfect.

You can also visit our Award Winners and Design Showcase pages to see great examples in action, built by your fellow SNO Flakes.

SNO Distinguished Sites Update
We just mailed out the plaque for our third SNO Distinguished Site of the 2017-2018 school year. Congratulations to West Side Story, of Iowa City West High School!

They didn’t hesitate to go for the six badges available in the program and neither should you. Don’t wait! Enter your submissions now.