New options for the SNO Site Overhaul and Review programs

We hear from our customers often, and one of the things we hear the most is that your want your website to get better.

While the SNO support site, training materials, and videos help you improve your site year round, the request we get most often is for individual feedback. That’s why we’ve developed the SNO Site Review and Site Overhaul programs aimed at helping you improve your SNO website.

SNO Site Review – $100
Our Site Review program gives you an extensive, detailed evaluation by our expert. If your students won’t listen to your suggestions or you’re curious if you’ve been doing the same old stuff on the same-looking site for too long, this option could be for you. From site presentation to content execution to audience engagement, we’ll thoroughly assess how your site is doing, what you’re doing well, and actions you can take to make it even better. After you place an order, our expert will dedicate time to spend digging into your site, keeping a detailed report of observations, which will be submitted to you within a week at the completion of the review.

SNO Site Overhaul – $150
Our Site Overhaul program is designed for those who need a little hands-on help. Whether you’re looking for a major shakeup or a simple facelift, if you want a modern, professional-looking site but there’s just no time to do it yourself or you have and you’re frustrated with what you’ve come up with, this option could be for you. Hand the reins over to our designer, then sit back and relax as we turn your site into what you’ve always wanted. Upon ordering, we’ll listen to any ideas and goals you have, look at the other sites you like, and create a plan, then our designer will contact you with an estimated work timeline. When finished, we’ll deliver a complete report that we can review via web conference to explain how and why everything was done.

SNO Site Overhaul (with Snapshot Options) – $200
With the Design Snapshots tool, you can create and save multiple site layouts and toggle between them as needed. Using it with our Site Overhaul program, we’ll design two options for you, instead of one. So, not only will you have your pick of the litter at the completion of our work, you’ll have an additional layout in your back pocket if you ever want to use it. After your order, you’ll be contacted with an estimated completion date. We’ll review the changes with you via web conference when the work is done.

SNO Site Overhaul (with Logo Design Services) – $300
While receiving all of the hands-on help of a traditional Site Overhaul, this option also allows us to simultaneously address one of the biggest problem areas for design that we don’t touch with any other overhaul type. Many of you often identify your Header as an area of concern, a less than desirable presentation of your brand. We’ll aim to fix that, taking you through our Logo Design and Web Header service, to give you an identity you can be proud of, with a full website overhaul afterward that incorporates the new Header perfectly — a complete reimagining of your site. When the work is done, we’ll connect with you via web conference to review the complete report of changes.

Ready to take your site to the next level? Order your SNO Site Review or Site Overhaul today.