The SNO Report: Broadcast-only Sites

You’re pretty savvy with your SNO site. You know how to build a killer design and write awesome stories. You know for sure that SNO sites work for student news. Maybe you even know that SNO sites work super well for yearbooks, too. But did you know that Broadcast-only sites are a thing? Because they totally are.

Broadcast journalism isn’t new: since the inception of the television we’ve been glued to our screens, eagerly craving the latest from on-scene correspondents and the guy at the weather map. But broadcast journalism by students? That’s new. We are the lucky crew living in the age of the ubiquitous cell phone, and we’ve got high def video cameras in our pockets at all times, so it’s only natural that students are sticking their toes in the pool of broadcast journalism.

Enter: SNO Sites.

Using the very same FLEX WordPress platform you use for your student news site, you could build a broadcast site. More and more schools are featuring regular video segments, vlogs and live-stream video coverage, and some are even going broadcast-only. It’s radical, in a totally good way. You can use story pages to post video stories and interviews, and with the multimedia tools you can even build a dynamic video display that will grab your audience with your latest and greatest videos. And, because all the tools you already use on your site are still available, you can choose to add polls, a breaking news ticker, anything you want.

It’s cool, it’s next, and you should totally think about it.