The SNO Report: Promote your yearbook with a website from SNO

Oh man, you guys. We can’t stop. First it was online newspapers, then it was lit mags. Now: yearbooks. Yep. We’re bringing you the digital platform for your yearbook program. With your brand new website, you can promote and advertise your book, and show off the incredible photography your team has been working on all year. It’s a great way to stir up excitement and to engage a broad audience both within the school, and in the community at large. You can even add a click-to-buy link to make your yearbook site a one-stop shop. Sweet, right? It’s not a replacement for the physical book–– you’ll still have that. It’s an enhancement. Check out some of the options you’d have at your fingertips:

Immersive Splash Page: Think of it–– you’ve got a great photo. We mean great. And you want everyone to see it. With the Immersive Splash Page, your audience will land on that exact photo when they visit your page. They can feast their eyes on your awesome picture, and when they’re ready, click through to the home page. And you can change the image on the splash page as much as you want, it’s super easy.

Showcase Carousel: When students (and their parents, and their grandparents, and their grandparents’ friends, and their grandparents’ friends’ book club) go to the site, they’ll be greeted with an appealing display of the yearbook staff’s best work. And the staff will have eight different Showcase Carousel configurations to choose from, so they can pick the perfect one to show off their work. Nice.

Photos, Photos, and MORE PHOTOS!!: We’ve got slideshows, we’ve got grid-style templates, we’ve got immersive long-form templates, we’ve even got widgets specially designed for videos, if that’s what you’re into. Yearbook staff are great photographers, and prolific ones. With a yearbook site, you’ll have a place to show off all those great photos that don’t make it into the book.

Tagging and Search: With all those photos, you’ll want to be able to identify all the beautiful and awesome student subjects. Our tagging feature makes it easy to pin a name to a photo, and the search function means that Grandma’s friend’s book club mate can look up that nice picture of Suzy and her Homecoming date. Boom.

Staff Profiles: You’ll also want to connect photographers and yearbook staff to their work: there’s a page for that. We have lots of design options for making your staff profiles super cool, and if you don’t believe me, check out this rad staff page. And staff profiles will link to photos on the site, so it’s like having an online portfolio, which is awesome.

Cool stuff, right? And it’s super easy to get started! Just contact us to learn more, or place an order, and we’ll get right to work.