The SNO Report: Five Things You Didn’t Know Your SNO Site Could Do

Oh, man. When it comes to creativity, SNO customers are pretty major. You guys constantly impress us with the ways you use the SNO FLEX platform to brand and stylize your websites. But you’ve got tons and tons of powerful tools available on your SNO site, so we thought we’d highlight a few super cool features you might not have known about.


  1. Immersive Splash Page: This feature is pretty rad, and it’s easy to do. Think of it as using your entire homepage to feature a story: when readers go to your site, they will land on an immersive photo featuring a single story. You can drive traffic to a highlighted story, and your readers can still access the homepage by clicking into it from the splash page. It’s a fun, short-term way to change up the look of your site and direct traffic.


  1. Trending Stories Widget and Analytics: You’ve got power at your fingertips with the Trending Stories Widget and Google Analytics. Want to know which stories are the most popular? Want to engage your reader by letting them see, too? Follow these simple instructions to authenticate your site and install the widget, and start analyzing your traffic, easy-peasey.


  1. GIFs!!  Everybody loves them, and you can use them on your site. In fact, you can use them exactly the same ways you would use photos. Just follow these super easy instructions, and you’re off and running. A note: just like any proprietary image, use gifs with permission only, and fight the urge to go all-gif-all-the-time.


  1. Full-Width Browser Options: You’ve got tons of content, but you don’t want it to take a year to get to the bottom of your homepage.  Why not use all that extra space in your browser? You can give your page a totally different look, and add all the content you want.


  1. Grid, Long-Form and Side-by-Side Story Templates: You’ve got the basic story format down, and you’ve even moved your featured photos around and added SNO Story Elements. Now it’s time to check out some of our other templates. The Grid, Long-Form and Side-by-Side story templates let you choose the format to best feature your content and photos. They’re fun and easy to use, and you should totally try them.

Alright, you’ve got the technology, now let’s see what you can do with it. And if you’re looking for more inspiration, check out our Award Winners page to see what other people are doing, it’s cool stuff.