The SNO Report: For a good time, call.

At SNO, we like to think we’re different than the other guys for a lot of reasons. First, we’re super smart, and people say we’re attractive. Second, most of us have exceptional taste in shoes but we don’t even have an ego about it. Finally, we’re pretty good at the web hosting game.  Two-Meal Tom

But in reality, Thomas Sugatt is the reason we’re different. He’s our support guy–– his is the calm, pleasant voice you’ll hear when you call us for help on your site (he types quietly, too, when you send him chat or email questions).

Thomas has worked for SNO since February and he knows his stuff. You’ve got questions about your site? Thomas has got answers.

When he’s not standing at his desk, you can find him folding his socks in low lighting (he prefers lamps to overhead) or practicing his handstands. If there were such thing as a kale cake, he’d choose that for dessert, but he’d call it kale-ke. Otherwise, he’d choose strawberry shortcake with homemade whipped cream and he’d do the dishes as soon as he was done eating because he’s fastidious and pragmatic. And that’s what makes him so good at his job.

Get to know him! He’s here for you, and he’s the guy you’ll get when you call, chat oremail with your support needs from 8am-5pm Monday through Friday. You can ask him anything (including why he likes curtains but doesn’t like buying them).