The SNO Report: Online Lit Mags FTW

Here’s the thing: in the literary publishing game, print has always been king. Readers and writers alike have bowed, mystified, before the gatekeepers of the print literary magazine while dismissing online publications. But the game has changed. In our culture of hyper-connectedness, a link to a published story can be more valuable than a physical copy because it’s infinitely shareable. A writer who publishes work online suddenly has a huge potential audience, and one with a dramatically wider reach than most print publications. Online is the place to be for today’s writers.

At SNO, we couldn’t be happier with this trend: people are writing really good stuff and consumers are hungry for fresh, new, and accessible literature. We can help with that. Our FLEX WordPress platform is designed to be fully customizable, so your school can launch its online lit mag with the same ease of design and access as your newspaper. Custom header graphics, menu, and widget options allow you to arrange and change your site as often as you like. With all the design optionsavailable, your editorial staff can have a real hand in managing the aesthetics of the site. And in the grand tradition of literary publishing, define-able user access roles can allow the Editor-in-Chief and editorial board to screen and curate the work published on their site.

Check out lit mags Apotheosis and Cougar Tales to see the different ways they’ve used the platform. We’re pretty impressed with what they’ve done.

Questions? Talk to us! We’d be happy to chat with you about getting your lit mag off the ground and out into the atmosphere–– the air is pretty good out here.

Fundraising Success

A couple of weeks ago, we let you know about our partnership with Pledgebrite, the web-based platform that makes it easy to launch an online fundraising campaign. The staff at Bloomington South’s The Optimist took us up on the offer, and they have raised over $1100 in two short weeks. To get started with your own fundraiser, just fill out this form.