The SNO Report: New Curriculum Project

As part of an ongoing project here at SNO, we’ve recently released two strands of our new SNO Curriculum – theDesign Strand and the Story Page Strand. Our SNO Curriculum is a more structured, lesson-based way for you to learn about the different aspects of your SNO Site.

The Design Strand will walk you through every SNO Design Option available on your site, while the Story Page Strand aims to inform you about the different features and templates you can utilize when creating, editing, and publishing your stories.

The strands are broken down into modules; each module contains a slide-based presentation focusing on one specific element related to the strand. And don’t worry, we’re not done yet – we’ve got more strands coming soon, so there will be no shortage of curriculum for you to share with your students!

Get your new staff ready with a SNO training session

Many of you are turning your attention to recruiting and selecting your staff for next school year.  Now’s the perfect time to order a personalized staff training session for your group of aspiring journalists. You can order the session now and schedule it for the date and time that makes the most sense for your group, be it this spring or right before school starts at the end of summer.  We’ll make sure that your new staff has all the tools they need to hit the ground publishing at the start of the new school year.

SNODrift Webinars

Join us for our live SNODrift webinar tomorrow, April 27th, at 3:00 p.m. EST/2:00 p.m. CST. This week, we’ll be discussing slideshows and photo galleries. You can join the live webinar via – keep in mind that some school networks do block web-based calling, so you may need a phone to access the audio portion of the conference.

Want to see what you’re missing? Here’s a recording of last week’s topic, SNO design page options.