The SNO Report: Two new ways to raise money for your program

We know that budgets are tight today for schools, and scholastic journalism programs can be hit especially hard by funding cuts. That’s why we are excited to announce two new programs designed to help teachers and students on the SNO platform raise funds for their journalism programs.

Fundraising made easy

We’ve partnered with Pledgebrite to offer SNO customers simple online tools for fundraising. Through this partnership, your program is able to set up a crowdfunding site within minutes to raise funds for equipment purchases, printing and hosting costs, field trips, conventional travel, and anything else your journalism program needs.

All donations are managed online through credit card payments, so there’s no need for you and your staff to spend hours trying to track down the cash. When your fundraising campaign ends, we’ll send you a check for 85% of what’s collected online. The remaining 15% goes toward paying the credit card fees and serving costs related to the fundraiser. It’s as simple as that.

To view a sample fundraiser, visit this link. To get started with your own fundraiser, just fill out this form.

Online advertising marketplace

The two biggest hassles in selling online advertising are collecting the money and creating the ads. We’ve solved both of these problems with a new self-service online advertising marketplace. Instead of trading emails with advertisers and waiting for their checks to arrive in the mail, you can now direct your advertising prospects to your site’s listing on the marketplace to purchase their ad and upload their own creative. You can rest assured that no inappropriate ads will make it onto your site, as all ads are reviewed and approved by SNO staff before going live.

When an ad is sold and approved for your site, we’ll apply 65% of the earnings as a credit to your SNO account. The remaining 35% goes toward paying the credit card fees and the administrative costs associated with licensing the marketplace software and managing the financial transactions. Any earnings above and beyond your SNO fees will be issued back to your program at the end of each school year.

To view a sample list, visit this link. To add your site to the online marketplace, just fill out this form.

Have questions about our new programs? Just drop us a line.