The SNO Report: Social media tips

On social media, show there’s a person behind the post. You’re busy, and you want to promote the new content on your site. The simple solution appears to be a plugin that will automatically post to Facebook and send a tweet whenever a new story is published. Resist the temptation! Readers want to see a little personality. That means crafting the posts and tweets individually.

Show your personality. Have a little fun with the headline. Pose a question. Pique the reader’s interest. Make sure there’s enough context to get a click.

Take advantage of the benefits of each platform. Twitter allows just 140 characters, meaning a pithy tweet. Facebook provides more than 63,000 characters. You don’t need to write that much — a few sentences are great. Include a picture. Ask a question. Provide context.

Preschedule the posts. Get in the writing zone for an hour and bang out a few dozen posts. WordPress allows you to schedule stories to be published in the future. Social media tools like Hootsuite or TweetDeck allow you to manage multiple accounts and schedule tweets — with images — to be seen when your audience is active — even if you already went to bed. Experiment with different times to see which gets clicks.

Resurface older content to fill the calendar. Try a “ICYMI” (In Case You Missed It) post from earlier in the week, or from a couple weeks ago. Preschedule these for weekend mornings and Sunday evening to bump up your traffic. Find a balance between craft and efficiency.

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