The SNO Report: Add your site to Apple’s News app

This week’s release of Apple’s iOS 9 includes a new app called News. Articles in the News app are pulled from a wide range of sources, and you can easily add your site to that content pool by following a few simple steps.

Start by going to Once there, create or sign in with an Apple ID for your publication. Next, follow the sign-up steps in News Publisher.

You’ll deliver content to the News app via an RSS feed. To get your feed URL, click on the RSS feed icon at the top of your site or simply add /feed/ to the end of your URL like this:

After you set up your feed, the next step is to upload a type-based logo. Your logo is used throughout News to identify your content, so make sure it’s clear and easy to read, even when scaled down. Apple recommends the following parameters:

  • Horizontal (all on one line) rather than stacked

  • Full-color transparent PNG

  • Required height: exactly 256 px

  • Recommended width: up to 2048 px (8:1 aspect ratio)

  • Maximum width: 2560 px (10:1 aspect ratio — note that some scaling will occur in logos that use the maximum width)

  • Maximum file size: 2 MB

  • Cropped or trimmed to remove extra space to the left and right (padding is applied automatically)

That’s it.  Once approved, any content published on your site will be available in the News app on every Apple device.

Need more help? Visit Apple’s support site or send us an email.