Video, video, and more video

This week we’re focusing on what may arguably be the most challenging aspect of digital journalism to tackle — video. From news broadcasts to sports highlights, video is no longer a medium online publications can ignore. We turned to two of your fiercely talented adviser colleagues to learn their success stories with video.

Jonathan Rogers oversees a thriving video and broadcast program as the adviser Iowa City High School’s The Little Hawk. Rogers says his initial motivation to focus more on video production was spurred by hearing from editors at the Washington Post that having quality video content, or a great YouTube channel, had became a main focus for them– especially in the world of mobile news.

Rogers said from there, they took a few important steps to start strengthening their video quality. First, they established video editors and upgraded their equipment.Rogers stresses the importance of good mics, lighting, and tripods when shooting video.

Rogers encourages his staff to always be ready to record their own raw video footage, and upload it to their personal YouTube accounts; that way, The Little Hawk always has content to draw from. Rogers also utilizes Aurasma and QR codes in the Little Hawk’s print edition to link to online content.  The Little Hawk has also started working on video production outside of news reporting; they’re currently working on a sports YouTube channel, as well as a weekly broadcast that highlights their top stories.

We also heard from Mark Ionescu, adviser of The Patriot at John Carroll High School, who says his biggest challenge with video production is convincing his staff that the end result is worth all of the blood, sweat, and tears it takes to film, edit, and create a really great video.

He has noticed, however, that once a video is done, the staff members that worked on it feel a great amount of excitement and pride when it’s finished; more of an enthusiastic reaction than they might have after writing a story, or posting a photo.

He keeps his students motivated by showing them what other schools are doing well, and gives them instructional videos to help them enhance their news reports.

Does your staff need some video motivation?  Have them check out the featured clips on Best of SNO.