The SNO Report: Tasks to end the school year

We know the clock is winding down to summer break. Before you and your staff call it a wrap on the 2023-2024 school year, please make sure to review our end-of-the-year checklist to set yourself up for success in the fall.

  • Remove site access for your departing staff members. Once the last day of school concludes, make sure to change the user roles of your former staff members to “subscribers.” This retains their work while restricting their access to the backend of the site, ensuring your site remains safe and secure.

  • Give us a heads up about adviser changes. If you know that a new adviser will be taking over the program next year, send us a support ticket so we can update our records and send them a warm welcome. If you’re ready to make the switch immediately, visit the Contact Info section in your site’s dashboard and change the adviser there — no support ticket required.

  • Take a backup of your site. Whether you plan on redesigning your site over the summer or leaving it untouched, taking a Design Backup captures a copy of the current version of your site in case it becomes necessary to restore it down the line.

  • Put us to work. If your staff has been eyeing a Site Review or Site Overhaul for a while, summertime is the best time to pull the trigger. We’ll add it to our docket, and you’ll have a fancy new site or detailed video analysis waiting for you when you get back to school.

  • Consider scheduling a training session. Will your incoming staff consist of newbies who have never touched your site before? It may be wise to order a virtual training session with one of our SNO experts. You can schedule it whenever it makes sense to you and have as many students in attendance as you would like.

  • Reset SNO Donate. Did you know that SNO clients have made over $100,000 in donations this year? If you already have SNO Donate activated on your site, consider editing your Donation Settings and resetting your goal date to start fresh next fall. If you don’t have SNO Donate activated yet, consider activating it for the fall to get in on the action.

  • Reset FLOW. If you’re a FLOW user, after the last day of school create a 2024-2025 instance under “Account Reset” on the settings tab. From there, you will be able to select returning staff members, workflows, checklists, groups, discussion channels, and rubrics you want to carry over from the previous school year.

  • Don’t stress about badges. We’ll be revising the badge guidelines over the summer, so don’t worry about planning for how to earn those badges until we release the new guidelines in August.

As always, we want to express our appreciation for letting us build and support your websites this year. We hope you have a safe and relaxing summer.