Fresh Ideas for Avoiding a Spring Slump

As the weather gets nicer and the spring events start ramping up, we know that motivating your staff to maintain your website might be tough.

To stave off the spring slump, here’s a giant (and random) list of ideas our SNO staff loves that might spark a little inspiration. We can’t motivate your staff for you, but maybe a little bit of peer pressure will help!

1. This creative use of the long-form format (with additional customization) to elevate a cookie review 

2. This (or that) fun topic idea for a new podcast  

3. The clickable photo next to this site’s Sports Score Carousel that links out to their Sports Center page

4. These awesome seasonal header graphics 

5. Using a GIF as a featured image in combination with one of our immersive templates 

6. These visually striking image comparisons created using Knight Lab’s Juxtapose tool 

7. This fun category idea to highlight all your publication’s awesome photos (and photographers) 

8. The inclusion of a Senior Spotlights display on this site 

9. This great example of our newest SNO Story Element, the Story Collection 

10. The subtle use of our custom header option on this site’s internal pages (click on a tab in their menu to see)  

11. This site’s use of dual menus in the header – a Menu Bar to display the major categories, and a Hamburger Menu to display additional pages like About, Staff, etc. 

12. And lastly, in the spirit of this list, the random article generator button at the top of this site 

  • Tower (The Masters School)