Best of Best of SNO: Spring Edition

The weather is heating up and so is Best of SNO! We recently surpassed 12,000 stories submitted for consideration this school year. Of those submissions, we’ve published roughly 1,800. Numbers that impressive call for another round of Best of Best of SNO stories.

One thing we see regularly among submissions is staffs wanting to cover major national or international news. If your staff wants to pursue these kind of stories (and have them considered for Best of SNO publication), here are two things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure that you have a strong local connection. If you are not near the event being reported, your school or community needs to have some sort of connection that allows you to report on the broader topic in the background while keeping the focus on what is happening locally. Check out a few examples below.

Sioux Falls restaurant holds fundraiser for children in Gaza by Reese Duncan, Lincoln High School 

In this piece, the Lincoln High School staff managed to link to information about the war in Gaza, but kept their main focus on a fundraiser being done by a business in their community.

SRVUSD tackles teacher shortage with new residency program by Abigail Kapur, Dougherty Valley High School 

Dougherty Valley High School didn’t necessarily mention the national teacher shortage in this story, but instead focused on that problem at their district and how they are trying to find a solution.

2. Send reporters into the field to cover national stories and how they are impacting your community. With 2024 being a presidential election year, there will be ample opportunities to cover political events in or near your school. For non-election coverage, keep your eye out for how major national stories (wars, immigration, technology changes, etc.) are present in your school’s community.

A Sanctuary City: Exploring Chicago’s Migrant Crisis by Rohin Shah and Cherish Curtis, The Latin School of Chicago 

The Latin School of Chicago sent reporters to talk with migrants who found themselves in downtown Chicago. They provided a lot of information about the broader topic via links, but kept their reporting on interviews they conducted with individuals.

Haley makes bold promises at Dallas rally by Nyah Rama, Coppell High School 

With the Presidential primary in full swing, it is going to be a great opportunity for your staff to go and see or hear the candidates, or their surrogates, live. Coppell High School attended a rally where they were able to talk to voters and quote the (former) candidate in their story.

All of these stories involved the staff going out in the field and talking to multiple individuals. That is the type of coverage Best of SNO is looking for regarding national or international issues.

Have a great spring, and keep those stories coming!