The SNO Report: Our Year in Numbers

Everyone has their New Year traditions – whether it’s perusing your favorite news outlet’s end-of-year listicles, watching the ball drop in Times Square, or setting a few New Year’s resolutions (and promising you’ll stick to them this year).

One of our favorite traditions at the end of each year is to look back at all the previous year’s analytics and share some of the most notable ones. With that, we present to you SNO’s 2023 Year in Numbers.

Over the past 12 months, we have:

  • Received 346,486 pageviews on

  • Maintained a total server uptime of 99.99%

  • Managed 9.1 terabytes of student journalism

  • Stored 30.1 terabytes of website backups

  • Served approximately 39,060 support tickets

  • Reviewed over 14,600 Best of SNO submissions

  • Recognized 84 SNO Distinguished Sites

  • Conducted approximately 552 trainings, demos, and webinars

  • Supported 11,138 active FLOW users 

  • Stored 54,991 stories created on FLOW

  • Had over 40,000 downloads for the Student News Source and College News Source apps from 21 countries 

  • Sold 513 ads through the SNO Ads network

  • Processed 1,547 donations through SNO Donate, including a largest single donation of $1,000

We appreciate you letting us build and support your websites over the past year. Whatever your New Year traditions are, we hope you enjoy them this year.

The SNO Patrol