Let’s Talk Money: SNO Ads & SNO Donate

Want to make some money for your publication?

We have two built-in monetization programs – SNO Ads and SNO Donate – that can help with that. Both programs are available (and free) to use on your site. Plus, they’re completely optional – you can opt in and out of either at any time.

Read on below to learn a little more about each.

SNO Ads 

SNO Ads is a hands-off, stress-free option for site advertising. Simply opt into SNO Ads via the SNO Ads tab in your site’s dashboard, choose which spaces to activate, set your price, and we’ll handle the rest via SNOAds.com – from payment to placement on your site.

Here’s a little more about how SNO Ads works: 

  • There are three hard-coded ad spaces that you can choose to sell – the header, footer, and sidebar. They range by default in price, but you can set your own prices as you wish for any space you decide to activate. (There’s a $10 minimum.)

  • You can activate or deactivate spaces at any time through the SNO Ads tab in your site’s dashboard. By default, we’ll place a fill-ad in any spaces you activate, but you can upload your own fill-ad if you prefer when you activate a space.

  • Each ad space has three rotational slots. If each slot within one ad space is purchased, the ads will change randomly each time the page is visited. Advertisers will have the option to buy out all three possible rotations — or even all available ad spaces on your site.

  • SNOAds.com becomes a destination for advertisers to purchase and upload ads to be displayed on your site (or multiple sites). Advertisers can go directly to SNOAds.com and search for schools by name, location, estimated impressions, school level, ad prices, and ad sizes. They’ll also be redirected there if they click on any of your site’s fill-ads.

  • It’s a 70-30 revenue share, in which 70 percent of the profit from SNO Ad sales on your site goes to you. Payments from advertisers are processed as credits on your SNO account, but you can request a payout of those funds via support ticket if you’d like to use them for something else. (Limit one request per month.)

  • Every ad image and URL destination submitted by advertisers is reviewed by a member of the SNO team before it’s added to your site, so you can be assured that nothing inappropriate or controversial will appear.

Prefer to run your own advertising? No problem. Learn about all of your options for site advertising here.

SNO Donate

SNO Donate is a way to collect financial donations through your SNO website. To start accepting donations, simply select the SNO Donate tab on your site’s dashboard and click the Enable SNO Donate button. From there, you can edit the default text, set a goal, and decide how you want to feature the donation prompt on your site.

Here’s a little more about how SNO Donate works: 

  • Just like SNO Ads, you can enable or disable SNO Donate at any time through the SNO Donate tab in your website’s dashboard.

  • When you enable SNO Donate, you’ll have a SNO Donate widget that you can place on your website that encourages your readers to donate, and/or you can also activate an option to display your donation prompt in your stories.

  • All donations through SNO Donate must be done with a credit card. Because these credit card donations are processed through SNO Sites, they are not tax-deductible for your donors.

  • SNO Donate is a 90-10 revenue share. Similar to SNO Ads, donations from supporters are processed as credits on your SNO account, with 90 percent applied to your bill as a credit. Again, similar to SNO Ads, you can request a payout of those funds instead via support ticket if you’d like to use them for something else. (Limit one request per month.)

  • All donations made to your site will be listed in your SNO Donate dashboard, and you’ll see when the SNO billing team has processed them to your account.

We hope you’ll consider taking advantage of one or both of these monetization programs to generate revenue on your site! If you have any questions about either, please let us know.