Best of SNO

Best of Best of SNO End of Year Edition

Peaks and valleys. When looking back through the 2022-2023 Best of SNO submissions, that seemed to be the most accurate description of the trending topics.

Among this year’s published stories, we saw plenty of not-so-cheerful subjects, like schools grappling with fentanyl or AI technology in the classroom. But we also saw plenty of uplifting content too, like pieces about student advocacy efforts or pre-pandemic traditions returning to schools and communities.

Before we share a list of standouts, here are a few notable Best of SNO statistics from this year:

With so many great pieces to choose from, picking the final Best of Best of SNO was a difficult task. From the peaks to the valleys and everything in between, these are just a handful of our favorites:

Best Deep Dive

Still fineby Vanessa Moreno, McHenry High School

Best Opinion Writing

Photography through a racial lensby Serena Liu, Parkway West High School 

Best Sports Story 

Report highlights impact of wealth inequality on state championships in Connecticutby Talia Moskowitz, Staples High School 

Best Human Interest Piece

Astrophysicist makes astronomical difference for women in STEMby Allie Tremulis, Carlmont High School 

Best Topical Coverage 

The best coverage of some of the most popular topics we saw in our inbox this year. 

“Woman, Life, Freedom” Iran Protests 

Title IX 50th Anniversary 

War in Ukraine 

Kanye West Sparks Controversy 

Fentanyl Crisis 

  • The silent killerby Angelina Liu, Sri Achanta and Manasa Mohan, Coppell High School 


  • Let’s Chat: GPTby Heidi Du, Maya Chu and Mrudani Ramkumar, Iowa City West High School 

Best of Colleges

Best Story Packaging 

Packaging the period plan, by Lauren Chuu, Melody Cui, Avni Gandhi, Taryn Lam, Sarah Liu, Eshika Tiwari, and Sonia Verma, Monta Vista High School 

Best Video 

Video: Money and more-why the majority of Maize teachers have considered leaving educationby Natalie Partridge, Stahley Sears, Spencer Rich and Adrian Sanders, Maize Career Academy 

Best Podcast

Midterms Mayhem Episode 1: Key issues precede upcoming electionsby Ella Yee, Emma Gao and Anika Maji, The Harker Upper School 

Best Photo Essay 

Pink Week 2022 sets standard for fun, fundraisingby McCallum High School Staff 

Best Continuous Coverage 

Best Political Coverage 

Change in leadership: Gen Z runs for public officeby Emily Lynch, Kings High School 

Most Unique Holiday Story  

What is love?by Claire Creely and Audrey Ghosh, Parkway West High School 

Most Mischievous Critter Coverage 

Raccoons make landfallby Noah Braun, McCallum High School 

Most Likely to Make the SNO Patrol Feel Old 

Rizz-ults of “rizz” cultureby Chloe De Leon, Woodside High School 

Most Likely to Inspire a Good Deed 

MHSNews | German Class Surprises Senior Studentby Jack Favazza, Marquette High School

Thanks for making 2022-2023 another great year for Best of SNO. We look forward to reviewing your submissions again in the fall!