Best of SNO

Best of SNO is BACK!

Need some excitement for your Monday?

We’ve got three little words that might do the trick: Best of SNO.

Starting today, you and your staff can begin submitting work to Best of SNO, where we recognize and showcase the best student journalism from members of the SNO Network.

To participate, simply navigate to the SNO Badges section of your website’s dashboard and choose from your list of eligible stories. You can submit one eligible story per weekday.

Here’s a quick recap of the eligibility requirements:

  • Stories must be at least 300 words long, with the exception of videos

  • Stories must have a Featured Image with a caption of at least 10 words and a photo credit

  • Stories must have a byline with a writer’s first and last name

  • Stories can only be submitted within 90 days of their published date

Last year, we received over 15,000 submissions. So, to get published, not only does your story need to be eligible, but you’ll want to make sure it stands out from the rest – whether that be with a creative topic, tight editing, excellent multimedia packaging or more.

While getting published isn’t easy, Best of SNO will remain open through May 31, so you and your staff will have plenty of chances to work at it.

We hope to see your work in our inbox soon!