The SNO Report: Best Of SNO & Distinguished Sites Countdown

With the end of the school year and summer break quickly approaching, we bet you’ve probably started a countdown or two, either in your planner, on your phone or maybe even directly on your site.

No matter how many upcoming events you’re tracking on your calendar, we hope you’ll add one more:

The conclusion of the 2022 SNO Distinguished Sites season! 

The deadline for Best of SNO and Distinguished Sites badge entries this year is Wednesday, June 1.

To keep with the theme of countdowns, that means there are only 43 days left for submissions.

Struggling to earn a badge or a Best of SNO publication? We hear you.

Best of SNO and Distinguished Sites is a highly competitive process. Even so, our intent is never for you or your students to feel frustrated or get discouraged.

Here are some resources to help: 

  • Check out this presentation for more Best-of-SNO specific criteria, or peruse this one for information on the other Distinguished Sites badges.
  • Take a look at some of this year’s Best of Best of SNO reports to get a feel for the types of content we publish to Best of SNO (and why).
  • Take a look at our All Badge Recipients page for inspiration and guidance.
  • Sign up for a free Feedback Session. You provide the story, and we’ll provide a few tips to make it more likely to be published to Best of SNO. Or, you provide the badge material, and we’ll review it with you.

Not feeling super motivated? We get that, too.

Maybe some of these incentives will help: 

Whatever resources or motivation you need, it’s time to start getting those stories and badges submitted. Join this year’s 253 schools Best-of-SNO published schools and 31 Distinguished Sites.

The countdown is on.