Get To Know The New Site Booster Package From SNO

Meet the new Site Booster

This summer the Site Booster package received a major overhaul, adding a ton of new features that you’ve been asking for. Read on for all of the new details.

Quizzes and Tests

Brand new to the Site Booster package are SNO Quizzes and SNO Tests.

SNO Tests are composed of a series of questions with right and wrong answers, essentially gauging the test taker’s knowledge on a specific topic. Example: “How Well Do You Know Your School?”

SNO Quizzes are intended to be a little more fun. A Quiz is composed of a series of questions that correspond to specific outcomes, leaving the quiz-taker with a specific result at the end. Example: “Which Harry Potter House Are You?”


We heard you groaning this past year over Issuu’s change in service, locking its embed feature behind its paid subscription plans. We decided to build an alternative in-house, and you’ll find this option in the Site Booster package. Now, you can upload your PDFs directly through your site’s dashboard to create stunning flipbooks to share on your website.


The new SNO Polls builder includes two new features that you’re going to love: Images and Multiple Questions. Now, your readers can vote for Homecoming King and Queen in the same poll and see their pictures, too.

Coming Soon: SNO Infographics

We are actively working on a new SNO Infographic Builder that will be included in the Site Booster package later this fall. With this new feature, your students will be able to build compelling charts and graphs to visually tell a story with data.

Let’s Go!

You can see these new features in action on this demo page. For those that already subscribe to the Site Booster package, you’ll find these new tools available in your dashboard today. If you’d like to add the Site Booster package to your account for $200 a year, just fill out this form and we’ll get to work.