THEME UPDATE: FLEX Pro is on the way

Earlier this year, we implemented major changes to the formatting of staff profile and category pages on our FLEX theme. What’s coming up however is the biggest update to the website theme since it was launched — so big, in fact, that we’ve given it a new name.

The free, upgraded FLEX Pro is coming soon.

We’re in the latter stages of rigorously testing the update to make sure it lands as thoroughly vetted and bug-free as possible for you. Later this week, we’ll announce a customer-based beta testing phase that all are eligible to participate in if you choose to.

This update is designed not to affect the look of your site by default. There are a number of new, impactful tools that give you more slack to be as flexible with your site’s appearance than you’ve ever had before. But the ball will be in your hands to explore those tools before seeing any changes affecting your site’s current presentation.

Over the next several weeks, we’ll detail in depth a few of the biggest features (via these emails and free webinars). Here’s a small preview for now:

Design Drafts

A tool that’s long been requested, Design Drafts gives you and your staff the ability to customize your website’s appearance privately and work out every last kink before rolling out the changes live to your homepage.

Header Designer

Within the new Site Designer feature you’ll have complete control of how your header area at the top of your website looks. Choose from upwards of 30 different content/tool types, including menus, buttons, tickers, ads and more, to build into and around your header and take over exactly how big and where your header image appears.

Widget Areas Designer

Break away from the six standardized Widget Area configurations to make your site completely your own. Reset the widths and locations of existing widget areas and add and name brand news ones. For the first time, the entire skeletal structure of your homepage is up to your own interpretation.

More details are on the way, but now is a good time to remind you of the SNO Adviser Academy this summer. The multi-day workshop, offered in person and virtually, is the most extensive SNO-specific training you’ll find. We’ll be teaching you everything there is to know about the new FLEX Pro theme and you’ll be ready to use it to its max next fall.