The SNO Report: Updates to the Source App + a Free Trial

Did you find the Source app update in your stack of presents this holiday season, or did you miss it? Our developer has tightened a couple screws to make the app faster overall and added a fresh layer of paint to give it a new look.

Here’s what you need to know about the Source app update (version 2.6.4):

  • It’s faster. We could bore you with the technical specs or you could just take Travis’ word for it. Let’s put it this way: The new speed, especially on startup, is noticeable. One way we think that manifests itself to the user is with the silky smooth navigation from the home screen, from which you can swipe left or right to view your saved stories or the publication’s compiled list of recent stories.

  • Light and Dark Mode. Your reader now can toggle between light and dark mode views within the app by going to their settings in the app and clicking the on/off button in the bottom right corner. Your colors will automatically adjust, as needed, for better readability and contrast.

  • Journalist profile modules. Click on a journalist’s name to view a pop-up profile with quick action buttons to follow their work or view their full profile.

  • Revised deep links. Use the link in the App Options page of your site’s dashboard anywhere you want. Clicked from a desktop computer, the link takes your reader to our Source app overview page. Clicked from mobile, the link will take your reader either straight into your home screen on the app or to the app store to download the app — if downloading first, it takes the user straight to your part of the app afterward.

  • Following tab. By clicking on the “Following” section, your reader can view their current settings for the Topics and Authors they are following.

  • Various styling updates to improve the look and feel of the user experience.

Now, we’re offering you a month-long free trial of the Student News Source app for scholastic programs or College News Source for college programs to test out these new features and find out if the app is right for your publication. If it is, great! If not, you can drop the free trial with no strings attached. Sign up through the registration button below.

Take it for a spin!