Introducing SNO Ads

Today, we’re excited to announce a new, free service that makes buying and selling advertising on your website easier for everyone.

SNO Ads takes the stress out of advertising sales. No longer do you have to come up with your own arbitrary prices, worry about handling payments or figure out how to put the ad on your site. It’s a concept users of the old SNO Ad Marketplace should be familiar with; SNO Ads is the new version we built in-house. We’ve fixed everything that was wrong about the old way and rebuilt a new platform from the ground up.

Here’s a little about how it works:

  • SNO Ads is completely optional and free. By being a SNO customer, you are not just automatically added in. Some staffs would rather sell ads on their own, others choose to opt into this program for a little help, and some schools don’t allow advertising at all. That’s all fine. You’re in control.
  • It’s a 70-30 revenue share in which 70 percent of the profit from ads on your site goes to you. Payments from advertisers are processed as credits on your SNO account.
  • becomes a destination for advertisers to purchase and upload ads to be displayed on your site or multiple sites. Advertisers can search for schools by name, location, estimated impressions, school level, ad prices, and ad sizes.
  • There are three hard-coded ad spaces for sale, ranging by default in price (between $30 and $60), but you can set your own prices as you wish. (There’s a $10 minimum.)
  • Each ad space has three rotational slots. If each slot within one ad space is purchased, the ads will change randomly each time the page is visited. Advertisers will have the option to buy out all three possible rotations — or even all available ad spaces.
  • Every ad image and URL destination submitted by advertisers is reviewed by a member of the SNO team before it’s added to your site, so you can be assured that nothing inappropriate or controversial will appear.

As this service is optional, you can opt-in and out at any time. You don’t have to use it. But for those who do, we hope you — and your advertising partners — will love it.