Introducing Student News Source: The new mobile app for SNO customers

Student News Source AppSeveral months ago we announced that we were working on a complete overhaul of our SNOMobile platform, and we asked for help in shaping the new app.

Over 100 SNO customers took the time to provide feedback, and here’s what they said: Make the new app seamlessly integrate with SNO websites, fill it with useful features like photo galleries, automated push notifications and story commenting, and above all else, make it affordable.

Today we are pleased to announce the launch the Student News Source app for SNO customers. Unlike our old platform that relied on individual apps that were expensive to build and difficult to support, the Source app functions as a hub of student journalism around the country. Think of it as the Apple News of student media. Users of the app can follow one or many journalism programs in one place.

The Source is full of features we think student journalists are going to love, and we’re excited to offer it for $250 a year as an add-on to a SNO website subscription.

Here are just a few of the features included in the first version of the Source:

  • Latest stories from your SNO website automatically added to the app
  • Design control from your WordPress dashboard

  • Push notifications by category

  • Photo galleries

  • Staff profiles

  • Story commenting

  • Video

  • Search

  • Social sharing

The app is available today in the iOS and Android app stores. And we have added several programs to it already to give everyone a sense of how it will work for their journalism team. Get out your mobile device and search for the Student News Source in the app stores to give it a trial run today.

By taking the entire development in-house and transitioning away from standalone apps, we’re able to continuously add new features to the app that all subscribers will benefit from. In the coming months, we’ll integrate SNO’s Sports Center tools in the app and add reporter-based push notifications, allowing users to receive a notification when their favorite writer publishes a new story.

Current SNO customers can fill out this form to add their program to the Student News Source app today.