Ever heard of it?: this week on Fresh Powder

“I know he always asks me tough questions, and he always has an edge to them, but I like him anyway,” is a tone — an authority figure talking about a journalist — that feels fresh. (Remember this? “What a stupid question that is. I watch you a lot, you ask a lot of stupid questions.”) The first quote is what President Joe Biden said recently about Fox News White House correspondent Peter Doocy. Did it surprise Doocy that Biden said he liked him? “It did not surprise me. But the way that he framed it was what a reporter would want to hear, right? He knows that it’s going to be a hard question with an edge, but ‘I like him anyway.’ And that means he is up for the hard questions, and it sounds like he’s going to keep taking them. So more than a surprise, it kind of just made me hopeful that that will continue over the next couple years. There are so few opportunities to be in the room with him, but it sounds like when we are, he’ll be listening for us.” Los Angeles Times interviews Doocy, a reporter who is respected and who is a little different from his network’s on-air personalities.

. . . Speaking of interviews: Oprah, Sunday night.

In other journalism

–  Crooked Media, producer of “Pod Save America” and much more, is adding sports to its interests and hired former Ringer staffer Jason Concepcion to show them how. (Deadline)

–  126 journalists were arrested or detained in the US in 2020 — 13 still face charges. Andrea Sahouri’s trial begins this week. USA Today has the story on the Des Moines Register reporter, charged with “failure to disperse and interference with official acts” while covering local protests in the wake of the killing of George Floyd last summer.

–  Twitter is working on a timed “Undo” button for sending tweets.

–  My alma mater now has an open podcast studio on the first floor of its campus library, and I think that’s a pretty cool resource for young creators in a town of 20,000. (Eastern Illinois University did not pay for this ad.)