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The lede

For the second time in as many weeks, a changeover in ownership is preceding the shakedown of a significant journalistic institution — only, unlike at Sports Illustrated, this one is going to take several years to finish. Poynter: “Is USA Today’s print edition headed for the sunset as GateHouse and Gannett merge? Signs point to yes.”


“I just decided to take this as an opportunity to show you guys how the songs sounded when I first wrote them.” Taylor Swift’s Tiny Desk Concert has arrived.


“She recently posted an image of herself eating a grilled cheese alone in her room, with a screengrab from a YouTuber she didn’t know, who was eating a whole plate of grilled cheeses. ‘I’ll eat my meal with someone else eating, but we don’t know each other,’ she says. ‘That was sort of my idea, two people who aren’t aware of each other, sharing this meal together, from their rooms, alone.’” The AtlanticWhy the New Instagram It Girl Spends All Her Time Alone


Where to go for breaking fashion news: Instagram. “There are thousands of accounts on Instagram devoted to the branding and pricing of celebrity wares. Many of them are run by teenagers. Now a cottage industry has emerged, spurring fierce competition between friends and fellow admirers who want to get the word out first.” Are ‘Closet Accounts’ the Future of Fashion Journalism? (The New York Times)


From The New York Times, I’m Michael Ba—(record scratch sound). Mina Kimes will host ESPN’s new morning podcast. (The Washington Post) “We’re going to do investigative stories — but there should be room for joy and passion, and I think that’s what makes sports different generally and also the podcast.”

. . . Oh, you don’t know Mina Kimes? Now you do.

Thinking ahead

Tiger Woods is writing a memoir. (But to what length is he really willing to memoir it?)