Can you spell Gabbana: this week on Fresh Powder

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The lede

“The FDA is “troubled” about Juul’s marketing and outreach efforts, particularly in high schools, Sharpless said. He pointed to a testimony from a student who said that a Juul representative came into his school touting it as “much safer than cigarettes” and that the “FDA was about to come out and say it was 99% safer than cigarettes.” CNBC: Those statements, the FDA says now, are either false or unverified, and making them could be breaking the law.

. . . CNN: A sixth person died from vaping-related lung disease. Here’s what you need to know.

. . . In 1998, the reckoning came for the tobacco industry. CNN: “Joe Camel and his ilk are now in intensive care … Billboards will be coming down, and the real truth about tobacco will be available to every American.”


Where to look when you need new bulletin board material? New York Magazine‘s Q&A with Kara Swisher. “I think most people do know when they’re good at things, and they do know their value, but then other people chip away at it,” but not Swisher, the best tech reporter on the planet and the namesake for SNO’s seventh web server.


Thank Goodness it’s … Fashion? The Cut is writing all about the year in fashion 2009. (Still waiting for my interview request.)


Inching us ever closer to a future sans-cable bills with 15 different streaming bills instead, Recode summarizes everything we know about the next service you’ll feel like you have to add with one important caveat: ”None of this matters at all if Apple can’t create stuff people want to watch.” (I don’t know, Dickinson feels exactly ludicrous enough to work.)


HBO’s Hard Knocks is frequently entertaining, sometimes extraordinarily air-headed — like when it completely whiffs on the Oakland Raiders’ Antonio Brown drama. The Ringer’s Claire McNear: “These weren’t minor questions—these were the questions, for the Raiders and, to some degree, for the NFL as a whole. One of the best players in football, who has just made one of the most potentially meaningful changes of teams in the sport, might not play this season, and perhaps not ever for his new squad. And despite an NFL documentary that promised us a month and a half of unlimited access, we’re none the wiser for it.”

Thinking ahead

No dancing with aliens under the stars after all. The “Storm Area 51” music festival was canceled as organizers feared it’d be “FYREFEST 2.0.” (NBC News)

This also happened last week: The Atlantic, a Fresh Powder mainstay, announced its decision to shift to a paid online subscription modelLe sigh.