The News Digest Is Back: This Week On Fresh Powder

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The lede

Like something out of Dolores Umbridge’s desk in Harry Potter, “Some individuals have a colored ‘X’ over their photo, indicating whether they were arrested, interviewed, or had their visa or SENTRI pass revoked by officials,” NBC 7 San Diego described from its investigation into leaked documents of a U.S. government-created database of journalists, activists and influencers covering or involved with the migrant caravan.

…  The Intercept went further in-depth on this issue: Journalists, Lawyers, and Activists Working on the Border Face Coordinated Harassment from U.S. and Mexican Authorities


“Most people don’t even understand whether moving the clocks forward gives them more sunlight or less sunlight in the morning. They just can’t remember what it does, because it so defies logic,” says the man who wrote the book on daylight-saving silliness to The New York Times.


Apparently, the haters took an off-week from their usual commitments to, instead, focus their attention on Brie Larson, aka Captain Marvel, by trying to sink her moviebefore its wide release.

…  If they’d waited to see the movie, however, they would’ve seen the gaping hole in their plan: Captain Marvel can fly. So, the movie did more than fine.

…  Larson, meanwhile, leaned in: Brie Larson surprised fans opening weekend at a ‘Captain Marvel’ screening and working the concession stand in New Jersey, Insiderreported.


“Millennials have been very hard at work explaining to their readers how millennials are very hard at work,” scoffs a not-Millennial writer for Slate.

…  Writers will keep spending bandwidth on this recycled take because of people like this who keep, hashtag, doing it for the selfie.

…  The zoo sends its prayers to the jaguar and her family.


The Pittsburgh Steelers dealt All-Pro wide receiver Antonio Brown to the Oakland Raiders, proving once and for all that anyone can force their ascent into eternal irrelevance so long as they kick and scream long enough. Hope you brought soda money, AB. Welcome to Oakland.

…  Ever the check and balance of the NFL, the trade didn’t jibe with the Madden algorithm.

Thinking ahead

Milwaukee and Charlotte, N.C., just became the two least-desirable vacation spots for Summer 2020 travelers, thanks to Democrats and Republicans.

This also happened last week: A pitch invader attacked Aston Villa footballer Jack Grealish in the middle of a match. Later the same day, it happened again (sans-attack) with a different fan, field and game, and, by that point, announcers on the NBC telecast had had enough.

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