Police Policies, a new SAT, and the answer to what teenagers are really doing on their phones: this weeks’ Fresh Powder report

Teens and their tech:

Teenagers get a pretty bad rap for spending “too much” time on their phones. We may have some preconceived notions of how they are spending their time on their mobile devices– and a lot of the time, we assume it’s time wasted. This article busts five common myths about how teens are actually spending time on their phones; and it’s not nearly as unproductive as you think.

The new SAT:

Everyone’s favorite standardized test is getting a makeover: the SAT has made some significant content changes that aim to better reflect what students actually learn in school. This test re-vamping will actually make the SAT look a little bit more like the ACT; and they’ll be adding more “advanced math,” just to make sure it’s still painful.

Do officers belong in education?:

Are police-driven school policies actually making schools any safer? If you’ve been paying attention to recent news headlines, the obvious answer is no. In fact, placing more police officers inside schools has made students more likely to drop out of school entirely. And, with officers consistently targeting minority and disabled children for more severe punishments, it’s certainly not helping bridge any achievement gaps. The Obama administration has focused a great deal on changing this problem: they’ve been conducting more investigations, and changing school disciplinary policies, and, because more students are reporting (or filming) these “disciplinary actions” taken by officers in schools, awareness is quickly spreading.

Using a restroom comfortably shouldn’t be so hard:

This is a topic that’s made its way into the Best of SNO inbox quite frequently: bathrooms. Schools across the country are making decisions about bathroom policies in regards to gender identity; while many schools have chosen the gender neutral bathroom option, some schools remain resistant to ditching the binary.

Inspiring Infographics:

Here are 90 of the internet’s best infographics to give you some ideas for that next info.gram or ThingLink you add to your story.

These things also happened this week:

Star Trek is getting a new tv series; that vulcan salute emoji came out just in time.

If you told me a year ago that a red Starbucks cup would have caused an actual controversy, I wouldn’t have believed you. I still wouldn’t. It’s unbelieveable.

Prepare yourself for awards season; here’s a list of fall movies you need to see.