Carr’s Fellowship, Franco’s filmmakers, and free pzza: This Week’s Fresh Powder Report

In Honor of Carr:
The New York Times recently announced a fellowship to be started in honor of David Carr, the well-known reporter who died earlier this year. The fellowship hopes to single out journalism hopefuls who share Carr’s interests, are willing to find new, innovative ways to tell their stories, and come from unconventional backgrounds and upbringings. This fellowship provides the opportunity to bring in reporters that may not have made it into the newsroom otherwise — much like Carr himself.

From the Franco Files:
James Franco began hosting his first high school level workshop at Palo Alto High School last week; the first 4-hour class in a series of eight workshops. Franco has been teaching college and graduate level courses for six years, and wanted to bring that opportunity to a younger crowd. His inspiration for this workshop stems from the fact that he experienced an inaccessibility to higher-level workshops and courses when he was a student, and wants to provide others with that opportunity. He claims that teaching classes gets him out of the “self-centered” actor mindset; when he’s teaching, he isn’t constantly focusing on how to top his latest movie or project, he’s focusing on his students. He also aims to bring material to his classes that the students are able to relate to; for this workshop, he’s using his mother’s novel, “Metamorphosis,” which was inspired by Palo Alto teenagers. The workshop will focus on creating a feature film, but in a unique way; the class is broken up into 8 groups, each group responsible for directing different sections of the film. The workshop had over 500 applicants, and only 40 of those students were admitted. Franco even went so far as to advertise the workshop on Instagram in order to gain a strong applicant pool. He says his brother, mother, and some local filmmakers will be involved in the production and progress of this course, all with years of experience and talent to offer the students. Make sure to check out The Campanilefor more stories and videos about the workshop!

NYT Online:
The New York Times recently passed the million digital-only subscribers milestone– and they’ve created the perfect digital article to celebrate. Just further proof that taking your publication online is not only a smart move — it’s inevitable.

In non-journalism related news:
+ Viola Davis was the first woman of color to win an Emmy in the “Best Actress in a Drama Series” category– and her speech was more than noteworthy.

+ Why stop at watches? Apple is determined to have an electric car built by 2019; now everything you own can sync with your laptop.

+ A man from California finds $1,300 in his pizza box, gives it back to its rightful owner, and is rewarded with free pizza for a year. Not a bad deal at all.