Welcome Back!

The SNO Report: Welcome Back!

We hope you’ve enjoyed a relaxing summer and are ready to kick off the school year! Whether you’re a brand-new adviser or a seasoned SNO pro, SNO Sites is here to offer you an enthusiastic welcome back. We’ve got some great updates and new features to start your year off on the right foot.

Keep reading to see what we’ve been working on.

New Lyndsay

While numbers expert and rodent-battling Lindsay McNally is still here to answer your billing questions, we’ve recently added another Lyndsay to our SNO staff: Lyndsay Hetzel. Our “new” Lyndsay is stepping into the role of technical support specialist and will be your go to for all support-related questions. She’s standing by now to answer support tickets, chats, and phone calls.

New Story Page Templates

Over the summer, we announced a pretty big update to our story page templates. We’ll dig into these changes more in future SNO Reports, but here are some new things you might notice:

  • Huge improvements to the story publishing interface to provide a more intuitive and streamlined process for story publishing

  • Five new template options to choose from – full width, single sidebar, immersive photo, immersive half photo and dual sidebars

  • Complete control over template customization, including around 250 design options for each template, using the new Story Template Editor tool

  • A new story publishing tool called the Long-Form format, which allows users to split a story into up to 50 different segments – each with their own unique design options

  • A new SNO Story Element called the Infobox

  • Options to create custom headers/footers and custom sidebars

Check out the linked support articles above to get a jump-start on using these new features, and stay tuned next week for a more detailed walkthrough.

New SNO FLOW Updates

Our developer has been hard at work revamping our newsroom management tool, SNO FLOW. Most of these changes probably won’t be visible from a user perspective (and involve a whole lot of technical jargon), but here are a few new things you’ll experience:

  • A completely updated Grading Center interface that enables you to update grades for multiple assignments at a time

  • A new archiving system to more easily access your archived work

  • Overall faster load times

If you’re not a current FLOW subscriber but want to see what it’s all about, you can sign up for a free demo or four-week trial here.

New Versions of the SNO Source Mobile Apps

To stay current with evolving platforms, operating systems, and mobile devices, our developer also completely rewrote the underlying code that powers SNO’s two mobile apps for student media programs: Student News Source and College News Source.

While the features remain the same, the new code ensures that the apps will be available in both the Play Store and iOS Store for years to come.

New Webinar Dates

Whether you need a refresher or you’re training a brand new staff, our SNO trainers Andrea Bell and Kyle Phillips are here to help.

Starting next week, we’ll be hosting free webinars twice daily for up to 30 minutes a session. Webinar topics will vary and will cover everything involved in using your website and SNO’s suite of services – from content basics to design tools to add-on features.

Click this link to sign up for next week’s sessions, and keep an eye on your site’s dashboard for links to register for future sessions.

Not feeling a webinar? No worries! We have plenty of other options to assist you and your staff. Check out our library of support materials, order a personalized training session, or reach out to our support team with questions.