Coming Soon: New Story Page Design Tools & Templates

We hope you are enjoying the start of your summer.  We have some exciting changes to the SNO platform to announce today that will be ready for you to start the new school year.

We have completely overhauled our story page templates, introducing a range of innovative design tools and templates to enhance your creativity and captivate your audience. This update is scheduled for release on Wednesday, July 5, and we can’t wait for you to explore its potential.

Here are some of the highlights of the new set of tools:

  • Enhanced Templates: We have introduced five new default templates, each offering approximately 250 design options. These templates empower you to fully customize every aspect of your story’s appearance.  You’ll also have the ability to create up to three additional custom templates of your own.

  • Live Preview Editor: Our live preview editor provides a seamless drag-and-drop interface, allowing you to effortlessly design and visualize your templates in real-time.

  • Long-Form Story Tool: Embrace your creativity and bring your stories to life with immersive images, videos, and more using our new powerful long-form story tool.

  • Simplified Interface: We understand the value of efficiency. That’s why we’ve simplified the interface for adding stories, ensuring a streamlined experience from start to finish.

  • Custom Headers and Footers: With the new update, you can create custom headers and footers that can be applied to story templates or even individual stories, enabling you to add a personalized touch to every story page.

  • Versatile Sidebar Areas: Our enhanced platform offers the flexibility of displaying different sidebars on individual stories within the sidebar areas of your story pages, allowing for greater customization and tailored content delivery.

  • Enhanced Bylines: You can now include photos in your story bylines.

  • Infobox Embeddable Feature: We are introducing a new feature called Infobox, which allows you to display additional information in a slider, accordion, or a stack of elements.

The best part? This update requires no action on your part. Any new stories added after the update will automatically utilize the new templates, while existing stories will continue to display as they did on the legacy template they were assigned to. Should you choose to migrate, mapping your legacy templates to the new ones is a breeze, and as always, our support crew is here to help if you have any trouble.

If you can’t wait to get your hands on the new design tools before July 5, simply submit a support ticket, and our team will be more than happy to push the update to your site ahead of schedule.