Fresh Powder

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Today in the SNO Report we’re introducing a new newsletter from SNO: Fresh Powder.  Each week, members of the SNO Patrol will scour the Web, looking for the most interesting journalism-related stories that you might otherwise have missed. 
  • A Twitter competition lead to an influx of media journalists sharing their favorite tools and devices they like to use in regards to photojournalism, video journalism, and basically anything else media-related.  Check out collection of the best tweets from those who participated, and stock up on some great new gear!
  • And while we’re on the subject, I think we can all agree that online media has made some pretty significant changes in regards to journalism.  This article by the Atlantic looks at how one extremely well-known video hosting site (I’ll give you a hint— it’s YouTube) has changed journalism; though, is it really a change for the better?
  • The subject of forgiveness seems to be a hot topic in professional journalism this week; this extensive Times article takes a closer look at Justine Sacco’s famous Twitter fiasco, and what leaving a digital footprint really means. Adweek compares two well-known journalists who have made even more well-known mistakes; David Carr, the talented writer with a troubled past, and Brian Williams, who’s past seems fairly spotless, but has more or less destroyed his journalistic integrity.  What are— if any— the parallels between these two professionals?  Is one easier to forgive than the other, and why?
Other newsworthy mentions slightly less related to journalism: