Journalism eXchange

Now, I know you’re thinking, “yeah, because that’s just what we need–another social media site.”  Understandable.  Accurate, even.  But, hear us out;Journalism eXchange isn’t just another place to type up 140 characters and send it out into the internet void. It’s a place specifically designed for people who care about journalism education.  It’s a website where you can be assured your ideas, and your voice, will be heard and valued.  It’s a way to connect with hundreds of other advisers just like you.

Journalism eXchange is free to use and open to anyone interested in scholastic journalism.  At its core, Journalism eXchange is an open discussions forum — a place to talk about what the best journalism-related film to show your students is, or a place to debate whether it’s correct to putone space after a period, or two.  We have polls, as well, if you’re a bit pressed for time–that way, you can still contribute to our ongoing office argument about who thegreatest fictional journalist of all time is in between your various and objectively “more important” journalism-related duties (and believe me, we appreciate the input).  And it’s not all fun and games; you can seek advice from fellow advisers, offer up your own wise words of wisdom, and occasionally even stumble across some neat career opportunities.  It’s a fantastic, journalistic free-for-all.

You can follow us on twitter for updates, news stories, and discussion.  We want to know everything there is to know about school journalism– but we can’t do it alone.

It’s time to join the conversation!  Come and create a profileexplore the site and its tools, and give us something to think about.  We want your voice to be heard.