The SNO Report: SNO Donate And SNOAds.Com By The Numbers

We launched SNO Donate at the start of the calendar year, and we have to admit, we’re a bit blown away by the generosity of your readers. To date, supporters of student journalism have donated over $22,000 to their favorite programs on the SNO platform. In April alone we have processed nearly 80 donations, and there’s no sign of contributions slowing down as we approach the end of the school year.

If you haven’t activated SNO Donate on your site, it’s not too late.  Simply select the SNO Donate tab on your website dashboard and click the Enable SNO Donate button. From there, you can edit the default text, set a goal, and decide how you want to feature the donation button on your website. As a reminder, 10 percent of each donation is used to cover credit card fees and maintenance of the SNO Donate platform. The remaining 90 percent of the donation is applied as a credit to your SNO account.

Our advertising platform,, has also had a successful year in generating revenue for those programs that have opted to use it.  Advertisers have purchased nearly 500 ads this school year, generating over $17,000 in ad revenue.  Since launching two years ago at the start of the pandemic, the platform has nearly $50,000 in total advertising sales.

As with SNO Donate, is completely optional and free to use for SNO customers, and you can activate it today on your website by following these simple steps.  Log in to your SNO dashboard and click on the SNO Ads tab. Verify and edit the information there and hit submit.  Now you’re ready to activate your ad positions and set your own pricing. Need help? Drop our support team a line.