The newest voices in the fight for free speech, text-heavy SATs, and the most pirated album of all time: this week’s Fresh Powder Report

The fight to protect student journalists continues:

“At the highest quality institutions, censorship is, thankfully, almost nonexistent. You would never see a Princeton or Columbia trying to lay a finger on its student journalists because they know that there would be an enormous reputational price to pay. Where we do see a fair degree of censorship is at those second- and third-tier institutions, the ones that are the most reputation-conscious because they are the most financially strapped. The climate has become more and more difficult for college journalism because institutions are so obsessed with their reputations. The competition for state funding is more intense than ever. The reliance on private donors is more pronounced than ever. And the ability of a news story to live beyond a single news cycle on Google is greater than ever. For all of those reasons colleges are much more motivated to crack down on unflattering journalism than they might have been during the paper-and-ink era.” –Frank D. LoMonte

The SATs get a reading-heavy makeover:

It’s going to change who does well,” said Lee Weiss, the vice president of precollege programs at Kaplan Test Prep, one of the nation’s biggest test-preparation programs. “Before, if you were a student from a family where English was not the first language, you could really excel on the math side. It may be harder in the administration of this new test to decipher that, because there is so much text on both sides of the exam.”

New New Voices:

Maryland and Illinois join the New Voices campaign in hopes of protecting their student journalists from censorship. Maryland’s bill was introduced by Senators Jamin Raskin and Jim Rosapepe two weeks ago, while Illinois introduced a similar bill last week. Both bills aim to protect student journalists in high school and college, though students in Illinois at the college level are already protected by the College Campus Press Act.

New Hampshire Primary Coverage:

Medium shares the best of student journalism from the New Hampshire Primary— between a notable social media presence and a variety of different articles all written by high school students in the midst of the political action, there was no shortage of coverage concerning the most recent presidential primary elections.

These things also happened this week:

The 2016 Grammy Awards premiered last night. While the actual awards themselves can be exciting, most of us just tune in for the performances. Here’s a list of the best Grammy performances this year, just in case you missed it.

President Obama is searching for a new Supreme Court justice following the death of Antonin Scalia— and, while this may typically be a highly sought-after position, it’s potentially one of the worst times to land the job.

After a slight delay, Kanye West released his anticipated album The Life of Pablo exclusively on TIDAL music on Saturday; however, due to the limitation of its release, the album has been illegally downloaded over half a million times since its debut.