Social media is shaping everything, apps are reviving mobile news, and Seinfeld is still awewsome: this week’s Fresh Powder report

Social media sculpts our news:

The coverage of the Paris attacks, when compared with the coverage of the bombing in Beirut, was largely disproportionate– when it came to Paris, the response time was faster, the information was widespread, and links were shared consistently and quickly, while Beirut went largely unnoticed. Why? Social media. This investigation takes a look at exactly how social media coverage played an important role in these two tragedies– and why it will continue to play a role in all breaking news stories.

Small newsrooms are still great newsrooms:

If you’ve got a miniature-sized news team, you probably already know that most articles with tips on how to successfully manage your newsroom don’t always work for you. Here are fifteen innovative ideas for smaller newsrooms, so you can get the most out of your all-star team.

Donald, the enigma:

You would think that someone who essentially goes out of their way to give the media way too many things to report on should be easy enough to cover; apparently, this is not actually the case with Donald Trump. With TV reporters dealing with blacklist threats and being denied interviews, it can be hard to find a common ground when it comes to reporting on this particular candidate.

The print-to-mobile mindset:

Going digital doesn’t mean sacrificing long-standing print values– at least, not to the Washington Post. They work those ideals into the creation and updating of their mobile app; with developments like “pinch view,” where, while reading the Post on a tablet, you are able to read two stories side by side, they’re putting to rest the notion that mobile news is in any way limiting. If you’ve ever found yourself wishing you could have a mobile app for your publication, we can help you with that.

Follow the code:

Struggling with ethics in your newsroom? When it comes to things like sensitive coverage, “off-the-record” statements, and advertising, it’s always better to know exactly where you stand than to make an educated guess. Accountable Journalism has just released a searchable database that makes it easier to do some double-checking before hitting that “Publish” button– with over 400 media ethics on topics varying from Audio to Sensational Material, you’re bound to find some guidelines on whatever topic you’re trying to tackle.

These things also happened last week:

Kobe Bryant shared his softer side by writing a breakup poem to basketball to announce his retirement from the NBA.

The cast of Seinfeld proves they are one of the greatest casts to ever grace the television screen by sending videos to a terminally ill superfan for his birthday.

We’re all familiar with therapy dogs, service animals– even cats can make useful companions. But what about…horses? Equine therapy may be the next big thing in mental health treatment.