, Will Smith and Concussions, Talk Show Hosts, and Hip Grandmas: This Week’s Fresh Powder Report

Adobe 101:
New staff members struggling with Photoshop? Need a refresher in InDesign? Check out the Adobe education exchange for tutorials, discussions, and more.

Fictitious Censorship:
Will Smith is set to star in the film “Concussion,” which takes a closer look at a degenerative brain disease that specifically affects NFL players due to repeated blows to the head. A recent e-mail hack shows that many of the original scenes from the film have been edited– or removed entirely– so as to not paint the NFL in an “unflattering light.” While the movie is a work of fiction, it’s based on events that are all too real– you can check out the timeline here.

Teachers Helping Teachers:
The educator-run platform, TeachersPayTeachers, give teachers the chance to sell and purchase lesson plans/classroom activities; and the best part is that all of the lesson plans you find on the site have been crafted by people who know what they’re talking about. The Times takes a look at the educator who started it all; Laura Randazzo, from California, who managed to turn her lesson-plan-making hobby into a successful business venture.

Talk Show Journalism:
Stephen Colbert heads over to CBS to host “The Late Show;” a place where he will no doubt be immediately critiqued and compared to his previous talk show, “The Colbert Report.” This article gives a rundown of some previous (and successful) talk show hosts that took a while to “find their grooves,” encouraging audiences to be patient if Colbert does not instantly feel like the perfect fit.

Pointless concern over “rolling Rs”:
This Arizona news anchor was pushed to defend her (correct) pronunciation of Spanish words used on-air; a language native to her personally, and extremely commonly spoken in her state of residence.

In non-journalism related news:
An 87 year old woman has gone viral on Instagram; known as “Baddie Winkle” by her fans, Helen Van Winkle of Knoxville, TN, has over 1.5 million followers, as well as multiple pictures featuring a variety of well-known celebs.

Kermit the Frog is rumored to have a new girlfriend after his “break up” with Miss Piggy in early August. Yes, these are muppets we’re talking about.

Need a new show to watch on school nights this fall? Here’s a list of 15 for you to choose from.