The SNO Report: Introducing the new SNO Dashboard

Over the holiday break, we rolled out a new and improved landing page to replace the SNO Launch Pad. The SNO Dashboard is now where you’re taken after logging into your website.

In case you haven’t explored it much yet, we have to say: It’s pretty cool.

We built the SNO Dashboard as a hub for advisers, one place, living right on the website you work on every day (or every whenever), to find all the information that matters.

We’ve made it easy to edit all of your contact information, book training sessions you’ve purchased, view at a glance the add-on subscriptions you’re paying for (and the ones you’re not), track your staff’s progress on SNO Distinguished Sites badges, and contact us for help via live chat, support tickets and our phone number.

Sure, you’ve been able to track badges and submit support tickets to us through your website for a while — and the usual paths for doing those are still built in — but now you have even more direct access to them with everything in one place.

Plus, we’re making progress on integrating Billing into it.

Eventually, you’ll be able to view your account’s entire billing history, see and be notified when you have a payment due, and here’s the big fish: You’ll be able to go to that bill and pay it.

The SNO Dashboard, like many other parts of the backend of your site, comes preset with certain allowances for users. Billing, as a whole, and contact information changes, for example, are only accessible to site Administrators.

Your students can click on a badge from the dashboard and apply for it. They can read our recent email newsletters. If they’d like, they can even subscribe to our newsletters (The SNO Report, Fresh Powder and the Best of SNO digest) by entering their information in the Email Preferences section of the dashboard.

We’re always trying to simplify adviser life for you, don’t you see? We hope this helps.