The SNO Report: Nerd Edition

Ok, you techy kids, this report is for you. That’s right: today we’re talking about software, your SNO site, and all the tinkerings we’ve done recently in order to give you a news site with all the muscles you need.

First things first: we made things faster. That is, we upgraded our web servers to use LiteSpeed, a layer of software that serves up your website faster and more efficiently than a traditional web server that uses Apache. And it allows your site to handle more traffic. Sweet.

We also upgraded our hardware.  Each of our dedicated servers has 40 processing cores, more RAM than they’ll ever need, and a full terrabyte of diskspace. These things mean something to some of you, don’t pretend they don’t. We’ve even added dedicated database drives on all servers to keep your site fast and powerful.

Here’s a nerdy thing: our servers are all SSD (if you’re still reading, but you’re only faking the whole geek thing, SSD means “solid-state drive.” That means there’s no spinning stuff inside, which is good). AND, we switched all our name servers over to CloudFlare in addition to adding a layer of DDoS protection services, so your site is more resilient than ever.

Finally, just to make sure you sleep easy, we run nightly malware scans, and we verify every site every day, so we find problems before you do. We also take regular backups of your site, and store them in the Amazon data center in Oregon. That’s more than a thousand miles from your our main data center, so if anything did happen, we’d have you covered.

Alright, push your glasses back up your nose and steeple your fingers with satisfaction, you’re up to speed with the geeks at SNO.